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Preparation for Training

Join CPILS, the best language school in the Philippines!

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Preparations & Procedures

Join CPILS, the best language school in the Philippines!

We will be pleased to help you as you process your language study application at our Authorized Agents. Students should also have an understanding of the overall flow and create a checklist. It is preferable to allot time for the entire process.

1.Visiting and counseling agentsVisit the nearest Authorized CPILS Agents for detailed counseling.화살표
2.Course registration and payment processIf you register through an agent and pay the application fee of USD125, you can get the invoice for the training fee within 2-3 days.화살표
3.Confirmed Ticket ScheduleIt is a good idea to keep your flight schedule. There are times when it is often difficult to reserve a slot two months in advance during peak seasons. It is recommended that you leave Japan on Sundays for the convenience of your students.화살표
4.Payment confirmationIf the training fee is not fully paid within three weeks prior to departure, the registration may be canceled.화살표
5.E-Ticket submission and Orientation After issuing your ticket and receiving an e-ticket, you will receive a departure orientation from the agent. At this time, the pick-up schedule is determined based on the flight information received from the agent.화살표
6.Preparing to departInsurance, international debit card, currency exchange, check list of required items, luggage, etc. 화살표
7.DepartureYou have to be at the airport at least three hours before departure, and stay at your airline’s counter. It normally takes about a few hours to get to Cebu depending on which country are you coming from. You have to fill out the immigration form distributed by the cabin crew on the aircraft.화살표
8.Pick up after arrivalOnce you arrive at Mactan International Airport, you will see one of CPILS managers holding a CPILS placard at the right side of the airport building. CPILS will arrange transportation to the dormitory. You will receive information on the next schedule and some instructions.
CPILS(Center for Premier International Language Studies) / E mail
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