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Join CPILS, the best language school in the Philippines.

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Premier Sparta Course

Join CPILS, the best language school in the Philippines.

The Premier Sparta Course provides avenues for students to have casual conversations and intellectual discussions. Apart from this, students will learn strategies to fulfill receptive (reading and listening) and productive (writing and speaking) skill tasks. It is a strict English class designed to help them apply whatever leanings they have acquired.

Premier Sparta Course Features
  • Create an English-speaking environment throughout the day.
  • Improve grammar and all communication skills.
  • Rigorous English study; full class schedule.
  • Through intensive speaking, students become familiar with frequently used phrases and expressions to help them express their thoughts more naturally and sound like a native speaker.
  • Learn and use grammar structures and vocabulary accurately and avoid errors which can lead to a breakdown in communication.
  • Students’ sound perception and sound production are given emphasis thereby ensuring clear enunciation and good pronunciation.
  • Two 1: 8 lessons with a native teacher allow you to be familiar with the many pronunciation similarities and differences among native speakers. Further, this provides you an opportunity to know more about the culture of native speakers from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • A total of 12 (mandatory) classes a day from 8:00am until 9:30pm.
Starting Date

Every Monday

Available Levels

All Levels

Premier Sparta Course Description
Comprehensive Reading 1:1 Develop and sharpen students reading skills; geared towards developing fluency and accuracy in reading.
Active Listening 1:1 Expose students to a variety of native speaker accents in different situations and understanding real-life speeches; learn useful listening strategies, how to use language correctly, and when to use it.
Creative Writing 1:1 Aims to help students achieve fluency in writing by providing language models that are directly relevant to the students’ needs.
Conversational English 1:1 Help students to communicate more effectively in wide-range of situations and aid students to acquire the essential communication skills.
Vocabulary & Usage 1:1 Know appropriate language register, correct collocation & proper usage/ topic-based writing tips covering grammar, vocabulary, collocations.
Cooperative Learning 1:4 Developing the productive and receptive skills of students in a small group class through cooperative and collaborative learning
General English 1:8 Opportunity for students to mingle in a bigger crowd and experience, among other things, the pronunciation and day-to-day English used by native speakers.
General English 1:8 Learn vocabulary words, expressions and sentence patterns commonly used by the Native English speakers, thus, gain familiarity and confidence in conversing in the real English world.
Dictation & Speaking 1:4 Meaningful speaking activities enhancing speaking skills and boosting confidence
Special Classes or Self-study GROUP Students get to choose a variety of Special Classes offered such as: Screen English, Speech Improvement, Pops English, TOEIC Class or a Self-study period.
Self-study GROUP Class period where students are given sufficient time to complete their daily tasks/ homework. Students are guided by a teacher to monitor their work and performance

Note: Students at levels 1 and 2 will be advised to take 1:2 classes instead of 1:8 classes.

General English (1:2 Class, Filipino teacher): This class is specially designed for Level 1 & 2students only. The approach focuses on developing the four macro skills in English through peer and project-based learning. Students are able to experience learning useful conversations and doing corrections with a partner.

07:00 ~ 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 ~ 08:50 1st
09:00 ~ 09:50 2nd
10:00 ~ 10:50 3rd
11:00 ~ 11:50 4th
11:50 ~ 12:50 Lunch
12:50 ~ 13:40 5th
13:50 ~ 14:40 6th
14:50 ~ 15:40 7th
15:50 ~ 16:40 8th
16:50 ~ 17:40 9th
17:40 ~ 18:40 Dinner
18:40 ~ 19:30 10th
19:35 ~ 20:25 Self-Study
20:30 ~ 21:30
07:00 ~ 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 ~ 08:40 1st
08:50 ~ 09:30 2nd
09:40 ~ 10:20 3rd
10:30 ~ 11:10 4th
11:20 ~ 12:00 5th
12:00 ~ 13:00 Lunch
13:00 ~ 13:40 6th
13:50 ~ 14:30 7th
14:40 ~ 15:20 8th
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