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School Policy

CPILS Rules & Regulations

Application for enrollment

(Please register at least 6 weeks prior to enrollment.) The application must include details of the student's allergies, illness, and other physical disabilities. If the content of the application after the enrollment does not agree with its stipulated conditions, the enrollment may be suspended.

Course registration

You will receive a course registration confirmation within one week of your application.

Tuition payment

All tuition must be paid at least 3 weeks before the course starts. If tuition fee is not paid without any notice, it may be canceled.

When you cancel your application at least 21 days before your departure, you can get a full refund of all the tuition and accommodation fees that you have paid.

Cancellation and refund
  • - Cancellation must be made in writing prior to the start of the course.
  • - Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • - If the cancellation is made twenty-one (21) days before the arrival date in CPILS, a full refund on the tuition and accommodation shall be given.
  • - If the cancellation is made less than twenty-one (21) days before the arrival date in CPILS, a refund will be given except for the one week’s tuition and accommodation fee.
  • - If the cancellation is made upon arrival; there will be no refund on the four (4) weeks tuition and accommodation.
  • - If the student arrives after the start of the course or absent from classes, there will be no refund nor make up classes for the days missed. Moreover, if the student has not arrived within seven (7) days after the start of the course, the student is eligible to get a refund of the tuition and accommodation but four (4) weeks of the tuition and accommodation will be deducted from the total amount of refund.
  • - If the student applies for a change course, the student must have at least four (4) weeks remaining in order to get a refund which is fifty percent (50%) of the difference of the tuition.
  • - If the student has started the course, the student may get fifty percent (50%) refund of the tuition and accommodation but must have at least four (4) weeks remaining of the course enrolled.
  • - All refunds will be process and disburse within 60 days.
Course extension

You must apply for an extension at least six weeks in advance. Costs must be paid at the time of application for extension.


There are no classes on public holidays and some school facilities are not available. There is no compensation for holidays.

Course certificate

Students who fulfill the number of days of attendance (95% or more) will receive a certificate after completing the course.

  • - Dormitory cleaning and bed sheet change are free of charge once a week.
  • - If you want to transfer to another your room, fill out the application form. If you upgrade your room, there will be additional costs. Furthermore, there is no refund should you downgrade.
  • - Laundry is provided free of charge. Specified clothes that should not be washed in the washing machine must be hand-washed by the student.
  • - Students are prohibited to go out on weekdays. However, students are expected to observe the curfew time on specified days:
    • Sunday to Thursday: 9:00 PM
    • Friday and Saturday: 12:00 MN
    Note: If there’s a holiday the following day, automatically, the curfew time will be at 12:00 MN.
Rules and Regulations

The student must agree to the following rules and faithfully fulfill the penalty provisions in accordance with cumulative penalties. If the student's cumulative penalty is 10 points, the student will be expelled. Upon expulsion, students are required to leave the dormitory immediately and the school will notify the home and agent of all progress in this regard. No refund will be made at the time of expulsion.

  • ① One penalty point is given to a student who is late for class (regular and special classes including self-study periods).
  • ② A student is considered absent if she arrives 10 minutes after the start of the class. In case of absence from class (regular and special classes including self-study periods). Two penalty points are given. (Please note that there is no penalty for the absence of a student who is admitted in the hospital upon the recommendation of company doctor. However this is on the attendance percentage.)
  • ③ If you disagree with the teacher and conceal your absence, you will immediately be expelled as soon as you are caught.
  • ④ If you use a language other than English in class - 1 penalty point
  • ⑤ When using electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops for purposes other than English dictionaries during class time - 1 penalty point
  • ⑥ If caught entering the rooms of the opposite sex - 10 points (immediate expulsion without prior warning)
  • ⑦ In case of illicit entertainment (bikini bar, gay bar, etc.) entrance, gambling (including casino entrance), theft, violence and vandalism, drinking and other illicit activities - 10 points
  • ⑧ If you eat in the dormitory or use a product with a high risk of fire - 5 points
  • ⑨ Transferring to another room without permission from management - 2 points
  • ⑩ Smoking in school or dormitory facilities except at designated smoking area - 3 points
  • ⑪ When attempting to bring liquor into the institute - 10 points (immediately dismissed without prior warning)
  • ⑫ Unauthorized leave - 5 penalties (even if the requested exit permit does not match the destination or if you cannot submit your ticket or accommodation receipt after the trip, it is considered unauthorized).
  • ⑬ If you fail to comply with the legitimate instructions of the guard (policy violation) - 5 points
  • ⑭ In the case of destroying an atmosphere of study and doing something that interferes with other people's dormitory life or disturbance
  • ⑮ In case of stealing a pass or damaging other people's dormitory entrance, it will be canceled immediately.
Sanctions for the number of PENALTY points incurred:
6 points not allowed to go out Friday
8 points not allowed to go out Friday and Saturday
Penalty Removal 10 points
  • ※ the penalty will be applied throughout the training period. If you want to reduce the penalty points, you take the recovery point test which is every Monday during the 12th period for 20 minutes. Penalty points are reduced depending on the result of the recovery test.

1. Additional charges may apply, depending on changes in visa extension, SSP issuance, class changes, dormitory changes, activities, medical care.
2. Insurance must be signed up and a certificate of insurance must be submitted to CPILS.
3. Level test results: If the student's level is below the required minimum level or is too high, it can be assigned to a different course. No financial compensation shall be made.
4. All other matters are determined by CPILS rules, and all legal matters and lawsuits are assigned by the school.

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