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Join CPILS, the best language school in the Philippines.

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TOEFL Course

Join CPILS, the best language school in the Philippines.

TOEFL scores are used to gauge the English language proficiency of students who plan to study in English speaking universities anywhere in the world. The students are tested on how well they can communicate in an academic setting.

CPILS TOEFL course is designed to make students become familiar with the TOEFL format and help them achieve their desired score. Students are taught common vocabulary and sentence patterns used in the official TOEFL exam. The students are equipped with test taking strategies for each macro skill.

TOEFL Course Features
  • Active and dynamic with highly qualified, trained, experienced teachers
  • Student centered where students study in a friendly environment conducive to learning
  • Result oriented – students’ strengths and weaknesses are identified with constant evaluation to monitor student’s progress
  • Fun and fruitful classes
      - Speaking classes help students develop language accuracy and fluency as they prepare and speak on a variety of topics.
      - Writing classes hone students’ ability to write standard academic English.
      - Reading classes develop and sharpen students’ ability to process written information as presented in different reading materials.
      - Listening classes aid students improve their ability to listen and understand spoken English where the language used is typically found in
         campuses of colleges and universities.
      - Grammar and Vocabulary classes are topic based and cover lexical structures and functions commonly used in the TOEFL.
      - Group discussion class offers students more opportunities to express their thoughts in English.
  • Self Study Periods give students time to do their homework and review their lessons.
  • Quarterly mock tests.
Starting Date

Every Monday

Available Period

at least 8 weeks

TOEFL Course Description
Speaking Independent and Integrated 1:1 Help student prepare and speak on a variety of topics that draw on personal experience, campus-based situation, and academic content materials. This aids students develop language fluency with accuracy and natural speed.
Writing Independent and Integrated 1:1 Hones students' ability to write standard academic English. The students state and support opinions based on their personal knowledge and experience.
Vocabulary 1:1 A topic based class. It covers vocabulary meaning and usage.
Reading 1:4 To develop and sharpen students' reading skills. They are given passages and are asked to answer basic information and inference questions based on the reading passages.
Listening 1:4 Aids students improve their ability to listen and understand spoken English. The language used is typically found in the campuses of colleges and universities.
General English 1:8 Opportunity for students to mingle in a bigger crowd and experience, among other things, the pronunciation and day-to-day English used by native speakers.
General English 1:8 Learn vocabulary words, expressions and sentence patterns commonly used by the native speakers, thus, gain familiarity and confidence in conversing in the real English world.
Video / Discussion Class GROUP A productive skill class which offers students more opportunities to express their thoughts in English. They are shown videos or given campus based topics which they talk about.
Grammar GROUP A topic based class. It covers underlying grammar rules and functions.
Special Classes or Self-study GROUP Students get to choose a variety of Special Classes offered such as: Screen English, Speech Improvement, Pops English, TOEIC Class or a Self-study period.
Self-study GROUP Class period where students are given sufficient time to complete their daily tasks/ homework. Students are guided by a teacher to monitor their work and performance.
Self-study GROUP

Note: Students at levels 1 and 2 will be advised to take 1:2 classes instead of 1:8 classes.

General English (1:2 Class, Filipino teacher): This class is specially designed for Level 1 & 2students only. The approach focuses on developing the four macro skills in English through peer and project-based learning. Students are able to experience learning useful conversations and doing corrections with a partner.

07:00 ~ 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 ~ 08:50 1st
09:00 ~ 09:50 2nd
10:00 ~ 10:50 3rd
11:00 ~ 11:50 4th
11:50 ~ 12:50 Lunch
12:50 ~ 13:40 5th
13:50 ~ 14:40 6th
14:50 ~ 15:40 7th
15:50 ~ 16:40 8th
16:50 ~ 17:40 9th
17:40 ~ 18:40 Dinner
18:40 ~ 19:30 10th
19:35 ~ 20:25 Self-study
20:30 ~ 21:30 Self-study
07:00 ~ 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 ~ 08:40 1st
08:50 ~ 09:30 2nd
09:40 ~ 10:20 3rd
10:30 ~ 11:10 4th
11:20 ~ 12:00 5th
12:00 ~ 13:00 Lunch
13:00 ~ 13:40 6th
13:50 ~ 14:30 7th
14:40 ~ 15:20 8th
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