Why study in the Philippines?
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The Philippines is an attractive alternative destination for English study for a number of significant reasons:
Language immersion in a social environment where English is spoken as a second language
The Philippines is the only truly bilingual country in Asia. English is widely spoken all throughout the archipelago alongside with the Filipino language. English is used in schools as an official medium of instruction from pre-school to university. Being so, the people have acquired a near native level of proficiency in English. Foreign travelers find it very easy to interact with the locals. Language barrier is rarely a problem because the locals speak English fluently with a distinct accent. This handicap is easily remedied thru the broadcast media, which serve as avenues for authentic native American English accent. English materials and shows form an integral part of the local TV and radio programming. The availability of Cable TV brings in programs from all over the world. American films are very popular. People flock the cinema everyday to watch the latest English movies and they are neither subtitled nor dubbed in the local dialect. International students will be able to practice their communicative skills in all aspect of their newfound social life while in the Philippines.
Multi-cultural Environment
The Philippines is a melting pot of different people from many cultural background. The local population is a mix of Malay, Spanish and Chinese decent. Foreign travelers from all parts of the world frequent the country all year round. Foreigners are a common sight anywhere in the Philippines, especially in major tourist areas. Most, if not all, have remained and settled in the Philippines. International students living in the country have increased opportunity of contact, not only with native speakers of English but also with other members of the global community.
Affordable Living Costs
The sky-rocketing living expenses in advanced countries have made overseas education an economic burden limiting the opportunity of English study on well t-do students. The Philippines is an alternative destination that offers the same quality English education but at a much lesser expense.
The cost of living in the Philippines does not put pressure on the students' financial resources. Students are able to live comfortably and conveniently even on a very limited budget.
Natural Paradise
The Philippines is a great get-away destination for people who adore nature. The Philippines prides itself of natural wonders and treasures, ranging from luscious mountains, white sandy beaches, crystal clear seawater and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Island Philippines had vast, picturesque shorelines. Resorts and diving sports are the number one tourist attraction in the country known the world over like the ones that can found in Cebu, Boracay and Palawan to name a few. Travelers can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and savour the beauty of paradise on earth.